bioChristopher L. Hedges is the quintessential Average Joe. If you tried performing a search of his name on the Internet the top results would be for a journalist, and best selling author specializing in the area of politics and society. However, that is not this author. This author is nothing more than a face lost in the crowd.

Chris is the son of a retired SR Vice-President for McDonalds Corporation. He spent the first half of his life in Paris where he was exposed to a vast array of cultures from Europe and Asia. Between the parents of his classmates at the small private schools he attended in Paris and his father’s professional acquaintances, Chris was able to associate with the type of people most only read about; Kuwaiti royalty, globe-trotting adventurers, diplomats, international business executives and professional athletes. Interacting with these seemingly unapproachable people left young Chris with two lasting impressions. First, you can attain anything to which you commit yourself. Second, it doesn’t matter if you are a Kuwaiti prince or a gas station attendant; you are both human beings and not that much different from each other on a personal level.

Chris returned to the United States for college and left his exotic lifestyle in Europe for a more laid back average traditional life in Florida. He attended the University of Miami where he earned his BBA in International Finance and Marketing, and his MBA in Leadership. During this time he evolved into an Average Joe. He had part time jobs to cover expenses at school and later bounced from career field to career field trying to find his place in industries ranging from sports and entertainment to Financial Services.

In 2005 Chris became a statistic. He was diagnosed with cancer, and has been in a continuous battle with it since. He struggles through the same problems the majority of people deal with financial issues, job security, disability, depression, quality of life, and the list can go on and on.

Chris has a unique perspective on the subjects he discusses because of his background. He brings a unique take on the subject matter he covers because he can rationalize what he is writing about from the point of view of the common man or societies’ elite, and because of his health related issues he writes with equal parts urgency, empathy, and passion.